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Why MMA is a Great Way to Get In Shape

Why MMA is a Great Way to Get In Shape

MMA Training Can Help You Get In Shape

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most mentally and physically challenging sport in history. It may seem like nothing more than pure brutality on TV but outside the cage there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. There is endless training, exercise and endurance going on behind the scenes. Competitors push the limits off their mental and physical capacities to determine what their body is truly capable of. When all is said, and done an MMA fighter is an artist that is shaping the body using their will.

Here is how Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) can help you get in shape.

It is a mentally engaging sport so you will never get bored. One of the greatest challenges for many people trying to get fit is dealing with the issue of boredom. Some things that get people bored easily include weightlifting, running on a treadmill and numberless other mind-numbing boring activities. MMA training does not have these problems because you are always pushing the limit, you are always engaged and you’re always trying to reach the next level, so that keeps you motivated.

MMA is also a great way to get in shape because of its social influence. We will have other people involved in your training so you usually make good friends and relationship with other like-minded. Many people sign up to go to the gym repeatedly but when one person stops going and then another stop, people tend to lose the motivation and soon stop going also.   In MMA people work together because they need to help each other. They need each other to hold their pads, wrestle with, hold weights and even sometimes punching and kicking each other and that helps to build a relationship.

You can get in shape with MMA training because it requires your entire body to be engaged.  Many people who try sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sometimes are stunned at how quickly they tend to get tired from an MMA workout. An MMA workout includes movements, strength training, explosive training, flexibility and force. This type of training will mold you into an athlete like person which is more than just getting into shape. It will condition your mind, body and spirit.

Another important feature of MMA is that you can scale it up. Anyone can do MMA. You may have no knowledge of martial arts and be completely out-of-shape and still get a great workout. You can also have the fitness level of a professional athlete and have a lot of fight experience, and get a great workout. This is because Mixed Martial Arts depends a lot on the skill level of your opponents and training partners.

Finally, most people simply enjoy MMA because it is a fun activity which helps you to get in shape, stay in shape and stay healthy.




Kickboxing Health Benefits

Kickboxing Health Benefits

Kick boxing is a fun-filled, high energy workout especially when music is added. This is a great alternative if you have been going to the gym and not seeing results or finding it stressful or boring.

The following are a few of the benefits of kickboxing exercise

Stress Reduction

According to the American Fitness Professionals Associates, most high intensity workouts including kickboxing can help you replace endorphins lost when your body becomes stressed. By producing these endorphins during your kickboxing routine, you will reduce your stress level.

Muscle Toning

Kickboxing tones your upper and lower body through punching and kicking the bag. You will feel stronger after each workout.

Increased Flexibility

Kicking during the class will build flexibility too. Before starting, stretch for about 15 minutes to prepare your body to move.

Better Circulation

Kickboxing classes will get your heart rate going to increase circulation in your body.

Full Body Workout

Save time by combining your cardio and resistance workouts during a kickboxing class. By combining you get better results, faster.

Self Defense

Kickboxing is great for general self-defense. You will build self-confidence as you become stronger. The kickboxing workout includes many traditional martial arts components that can assist you when needed. Practicing kickboxing on a static object like a punching bag can help you learn how to gauge the distance of your moves. You can also develop a sense of your own limitations and strengths.

Weight Loss

An increased heart rate during kickboxing will help burn fat and calories for you to lose weight.

Improve Balance

As you are kicking on one foot, you will build balance and stability to throw harder kicks as time goes on.

Improve Coordination

Each set of punches and kicks pushes you to coordinate the motions between your arms and legs to improve overall coordination.

Time Savings

Because cardio kickboxing is a total-body workout, you can save time by combining your workouts into one routine. According to American Fitness Professionals and Associates, cardio kickboxing is an efficient use of your time. No physical contact is used in the exercise, but all the important aspects of exercising are included in the routine. Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, flexibility, strength building, endurance and body composition all are covered with one workout.

Contact us now to schedule a workout to explore the health benefits or a kickboxing workout.

Health Benefits of MMA

Health Benefits of MMA

MMA Fitness TrainingThe sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) has exploded in popularity over the past several years. An increase in television coverage has made the public more aware of this sport. MMA is relatively new, so there are few studies identifying the health effects of the sport. The studies that do exist identify both short-term benefits, and long-term consequences of participating in MMA.

Individuals who train for mixed martial arts experience a high intensity, total body cardiovascular workout. Trainers and others that have been around the sport have documented the health benefits of improved fitness. Those who participate in general have lower rates of obesity and related chronic illnesses. The US government recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity a day, but a recent British study found that just seven minutes of high intensity exercise daily provides the same benefits. MMA participants train in short and high intensity bursts, similar to what the British study recommends.
Mixed martial arts includes many different fighting styles like karate, boxing, kick boxing, wrestling, vale tudo, muay, and Brazilian Ju jitsu. All these styles combine to provide a full body workout in a short period of time.

In MMA fighting, there is great emphasis on submitting an opponent. Submission techniques include chokes and joint locks, both of which can have catastrophic health effects. A choke submission applied for too long can deprive the brain of blood, causing permanent brain damage. A joint lock submission applied for too long can cause permanent muscle tearing or ligament damage. An attentive referee tries to prevent a fighter from applying a submission for too long, but even the best referee can make mistakes. There is no risk of being hurt by another person in MMA workout for exercise.

Health and Fighting experts will study the link between mixed martial arts and long-term health consequences for many years to come. The benefits to overall fitness are clear, and many of the most severe effects are avoidable by merely training for the sport and not actually fighting.

Kickboxing For Weight Loss

Kickboxing For Weight Loss

Kickboxers are slim, trim and muscular. Have you ever wondered why?

World renowned champion kickboxing coach Bill Packer notes that because of weight classes, kickboxers often have ideal body fat percentages and almost perfect BMI . But can ordinary people lose weight through kickboxing?

Kickboxing Activities

A regular kickboxing class includes, cardiovascular warm-ups, calisthenics, kick work, punch work, stance and movement drills, sparring in the ring and a cardiovascular cool-down that normally includes stretching and resistance training.

Kickboxing Styles

Normally, kickboxing classes exist for people who want self-defense training, so gyms and health clubs often include a cardio-kickboxing class on their group fitness schedule. Self-defense kickboxing classes often places less emphasis on physical conditioning, while cardio-kickboxing classes place more emphasis on the exercise aspect of kickboxing training.

Can Kickboxing Help You Lose Weight?

Yes it can. Kickboxing training can help you lose weight in two ways.

  1. First, kickboxing burns calories like any other exercise. Since weight loss is a matter of burning more calories than you take in, this will help you establish the calorie deficit you need in order to lose weight.
  2. Second, the resistance training aspect of calisthenics and kickboxing tools will build muscle. According to Harvard-based study, the more muscle a body has, the more calories it needs to perform every activity, even sleeping. As kickboxing training builds your muscle mass, it boosts your metabolism and even pushes your body to lose weight even faster.

How to enhance your kickboxing weight loss program?  Attending classes is good but maintaining on a regular basis is also important.  To make the most of you weight loss program with kickboxing make sure to train outside of the class. This training typically includes (1) weight lifting, (2) practicing techniques and (3) cardiovascular conditioning.   Although they may not be a part of your regular class, all three of these activities can help you shed weight.


Improve Your Physical and Mental Health by Joining A Gym In Aventura FL

Improve Your Physical and Mental Health by Joining A Gym In Aventura FL

Most people do not realize that physical fitness plays an important part in their overall health. A person that takes the time to exercise and eat right will be at less risk of health problems both physically and mentally. In today’s society, work and family seem to take over and most people neglect their own personal health because of the stress and demands of everyday life. Everyone is so wrapped up in their jobs and family life that they do not remember to take care of themselves. To do this, you may want to take an hour or so a few days a week to visit a Gym in Aventura FL.

One type of exercise program that you can do is called Fitness Through MMA. This type of fitness program will allow you to increase your cardio health, lose weight and tone those muscles. Have you always wondered what you would do if confronted by an attacker? Is your body strong enough to be able to protect yourself if that should happen? If not, by trying this type of fitness program a few days a week, you can also learn self defense at Fitness Through MMA Gym. This combines kickboxing and regular boxing within the program that will assist you in keeping fit while toning your muscles and burning fat. You will also have access to all the equipment available on a 9 station circuit that allows you to work at your own pace. Not everyone has the same ability to work out at the same level. It takes time to build up to where you would like to be. By working at your own pace, you can slowly build up to the level you would like to be at and work within your own physical limits.

By joining a program at a Gym in Aventura FL, you will have a foundation to work with even on the days you cannot find time to go to the gym. On those days you will be able to work out using the knowledge you have taken from the classes you have attended. It is important that each day you get some time to do a little bit of physical activity, even if it is just a walk with the dog. Once your body has adapted to a fitness program, your physical and mental health will improve over time.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Mixed Martial Arts in Hallandale Beach

Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Mixed Martial Arts in Hallandale Beach

Everyone has different fitness goals. Some people want to lose pounds or inches, while other people want to gain those instead. And there are many different ways to achieve these individual goals. Sometimes people choose cardio, others prefer weight training. Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes. There isn’t really a “right” versus “wrong” way to do any of it. The main thing is to be doing something, as often as you can. Americans struggle with physical fitness. According to the CDC, over thirty percent of Americans are obese. Some people have trouble finding time to work out, others may feel that there is no real way for them to lose the weight. Many may wonder how to even get started, since the whole process can be so daunting. Then there are also those people who have been working out for years, but have hit what trainers call a ‘plateau’ where they are unable to make any further progress towards their goals. Those are the people who just can’t seem get those last five pounds to come off, no matter what they do.

Sometimes, all that is needed for either type of person is a new way of looking at fitness and exercise. If that’s your case, you might then want to think about Fitness Through MMA, or mixed martial arts. Mixed Martial Arts in Hallandale Beach is for people of any fitness level. MMA-style fighting has become quite prevalent in our society, thanks to televised events and shows. But these days, you can use mixed martial arts at Fitness Through MMA of Hallandale Beach just to get a great workout. You don’t have to worry about either getting hit or hitting another person. Mixed martial arts is turning into a workout for everyone, instead of just being two guys beating on one another. Personal trainers are now using the moves to devise workouts that anyone can do.

Everyone has seen MMA fighters. They are in fantastic shape. Who wouldn’t want that? Mixed martial arts in Hallandale Beach just might be the way to get there. MMA moves include punches, kicks, and grappling. Different trainers will develop different programs. With so much variety to choose from, there could easily be something for everyone. And with the right program and trainer, even beginners can get a full-body workout in as little as thirty minutes.

An Innovative Work Out at a Gym in Hallandale Beach

An Innovative Work Out at a Gym in Hallandale Beach

Most people do not have hours of extra time every day to dedicate to a workout program. Finding the way to get the cardio and toning they need in as little as 30 minutes can be the difference between sticking with their program and giving up.

It is not impossible to achieve the results you want in half an hour. Recent studies have shown that the biggest benefit to the body is accomplished in the first 20-30 minutes of a high-intensity full-body workout. Often people will spend 20 minutes on cardio and then move on to performing toning exercises separately. If these two are combined, the time is cut in half, while the benefits remain the same, or possibly even increase.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a popular sport which typically combines various styles of martial arts with boxing and wrestling. This aggressive and intense sport transforms easily into a workout program because it offers the most effective means of getting a full body workout.

Fitness Through MMA Gym in Hallandale Beach has developed a program which uses the skills seen in MMA to help provide the intense circuit that will work every muscle in the body. Learn kickboxing, traditional boxing and more.

While building muscle strength and tone, you also get a complete cardio workout. The extra benefit when you choose Fitness Through MMA is that you will also develop self-defense skills. The program works equally well for beginners as for advanced athletes because each person is able to work the nine-station circuit at their own pace.

At this Gym in Hallandale Beach there are no required class times to attend and trainers are always on hand to provide any advice or assistance you need. They will help to keep you motivated and to ensure you are using correct form for the best results. If you feel you need more than occasional assistance, you can book private classes or a small group class. These enable the trainers to customize plans according to what you are specifically looking for.

You want a work out that is fun, challenging and keeps you moving. Why go to a traditional Gym in Hallandale Beach when a full MMA workout is available instead?