An Innovative Work Out at a Gym in Hallandale Beach

An Innovative Work Out at a Gym in Hallandale Beach

Most people do not have hours of extra time every day to dedicate to a workout program. Finding the way to get the cardio and toning they need in as little as 30 minutes can be the difference between sticking with their program and giving up.

It is not impossible to achieve the results you want in half an hour. Recent studies have shown that the biggest benefit to the body is accomplished in the first 20-30 minutes of a high-intensity full-body workout. Often people will spend 20 minutes on cardio and then move on to performing toning exercises separately. If these two are combined, the time is cut in half, while the benefits remain the same, or possibly even increase.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a popular sport which typically combines various styles of martial arts with boxing and wrestling. This aggressive and intense sport transforms easily into a workout program because it offers the most effective means of getting a full body workout.

Fitness Through MMA Gym in Hallandale Beach has developed a program which uses the skills seen in MMA to help provide the intense circuit that will work every muscle in the body. Learn kickboxing, traditional boxing and more.

While building muscle strength and tone, you also get a complete cardio workout. The extra benefit when you choose Fitness Through MMA is that you will also develop self-defense skills. The program works equally well for beginners as for advanced athletes because each person is able to work the nine-station circuit at their own pace.

At this Gym in Hallandale Beach there are no required class times to attend and trainers are always on hand to provide any advice or assistance you need. They will help to keep you motivated and to ensure you are using correct form for the best results. If you feel you need more than occasional assistance, you can book private classes or a small group class. These enable the trainers to customize plans according to what you are specifically looking for.

You want a work out that is fun, challenging and keeps you moving. Why go to a traditional Gym in Hallandale Beach when a full MMA workout is available instead?

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