Kickboxing Health Benefits

Kickboxing Health Benefits

Kick boxing is a fun-filled, high energy workout especially when music is added. This is a great alternative if you have been going to the gym and not seeing results or finding it stressful or boring.

The following are a few of the benefits of kickboxing exercise

Stress Reduction

According to the American Fitness Professionals Associates, most high intensity workouts including kickboxing can help you replace endorphins lost when your body becomes stressed. By producing these endorphins during your kickboxing routine, you will reduce your stress level.

Muscle Toning

Kickboxing tones your upper and lower body through punching and kicking the bag. You will feel stronger after each workout.

Increased Flexibility

Kicking during the class will build flexibility too. Before starting, stretch for about 15 minutes to prepare your body to move.

Better Circulation

Kickboxing classes will get your heart rate going to increase circulation in your body.

Full Body Workout

Save time by combining your cardio and resistance workouts during a kickboxing class. By combining you get better results, faster.

Self Defense

Kickboxing is great for general self-defense. You will build self-confidence as you become stronger. The kickboxing workout includes many traditional martial arts components that can assist you when needed. Practicing kickboxing on a static object like a punching bag can help you learn how to gauge the distance of your moves. You can also develop a sense of your own limitations and strengths.

Weight Loss

An increased heart rate during kickboxing will help burn fat and calories for you to lose weight.

Improve Balance

As you are kicking on one foot, you will build balance and stability to throw harder kicks as time goes on.

Improve Coordination

Each set of punches and kicks pushes you to coordinate the motions between your arms and legs to improve overall coordination.

Time Savings

Because cardio kickboxing is a total-body workout, you can save time by combining your workouts into one routine. According to American Fitness Professionals and Associates, cardio kickboxing is an efficient use of your time. No physical contact is used in the exercise, but all the important aspects of exercising are included in the routine. Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, flexibility, strength building, endurance and body composition all are covered with one workout.

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